Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap! bounce! wee!

and updates on me self.

1. latest photos - updates to seattle, and san francisco trip.
2. when my shirts get snug, it's time to lose weight with regular exercise. starting with swimming. i did 800m all freestyle! (with rests, but i still feel accomplished)
3. i'm lost again looking for a career. someday i'll get out of this slump.
4. zelda skyward sword is a time-suck. and link is a bad role model. he loots, he peeps, he sleeps in random beds, he breaks chandeliers and gets rewarded with a heart piece... "why would you do that??"
5. note to self - when flying virgin america, you will watch TV. no need to bring a music player
6. soooo per #6 on my last post, i ordered a TV. yay substantial bonus!
7. incense smells nice. and much cleaner than candles
8. danger danger, girl scout cookie season approaches...
9. i miss having roommates
10. green onions grow like crazy (#9 on last post). quite neat. too bad i don't cook often enough

Monday, February 20, 2012

it's random links time

best time to buy infograph (from blog) - useful to know
this is why it's cool to go to a symphony
want to eat a balloon for dessert? (caution, loud...)
inventive pizza paper plates, hopefully coming soon hopefully to a pizza box near you
bonsai tree houses - i wish some of these were life size
it's a snap!... this ad was both amusing and disturbing.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

just another 10

1. ok, one reason i feel out of place at this company - the average age is 49. i'm used to my first job's avg which was ~26
2. i think i'm more anti-social than before. i'm ok talking to random strangers now, but am timid/lazy beyond the first meet & greet
3. speaking of anti-social, my tv box arrived. finally, i can play zelda and ddr! (and be a true hermit)
4. DS has seen some love lately too - finished okamiden, playing layton, maybe phantom hourglass is next
5. my knees are unhappy again. going down 14 flights of stairs yesterday didn't help
6. unless my bonus is substantial, i am forgoing a new TV to save money and space
7. the powell case... not sure why, but i feel a little sorry for him (not convinced he did it, but his last action was extremely stupid, sad, and unnecessary)
8. need motivation to continue this career path, and not fall behind in technical skills. where to find that motivation?
9. my jade plants fell and broke =(  they are repotted and will hopefully recover. now i'm trying to regrow scallions - so far so good!
10. yes, i totally do this in public

Monday, February 6, 2012

latest linkies

cooooooooool - ok go's newest video
only in taiwan... and it is totally true
something i need - manual photography cheat sheet
need a good scifi/fantasy book? choose your path...
random picture of a well placed license plate
and it's a bit old, but this is also true of snow...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

sketchbook project 2012!

completed and mailed!
there wasn't as many pages to fill, but i had a hard time finding motivation without roommates around. i did try some pencil-to-pen outline sketches and strayed from my original plans with the theme. overall a fun experience, even if it cost me a couple nights of 2-3am bedtimes.

check it out during their tour or in Brooklyn, NY.
my theme for 2012: Writing on the Wall

now then... bedtime.