Wednesday, March 30, 2011

late night linkies

just woke up from what is deemed my personal trap-warm blanket in the evening...

sunk cost fallacy explains our poor decision making skills
compilation of 10 awesome inventions, some way cooler than others
interesting perspective on how to build an emr, properly
tv settings-i've always wondered why newer tvs bother me
i'll take edible pens, though they probably won't last long
mmm mah na mah na... oh.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

miscellaneous jots

10 seemed like too many, now 5 seems too few.

1. japan, stay strong
2. going to new orleans 5/6-5/10!
3. current book: the art of happiness by his holiness the dalai lama and cutler
4. current game: okamiden for ds
5. current new hobby: rock climbing
6. i still lack patience for things that are (and are not) happening
7. morning showers are cold, evening showers are half warm... this apt has such terrible water heating
8. ever since my massage, i have been more sensitive to my body's aches and pains. it's as if the massage now forces me to go back for more to alleviate the aches. argh!
9. thunder, lightning, and rain are surprisingly soothing
10. delicious ramen add-ins... mmmm my standard is egg and veggies (usually napa)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

vows for self

today's list of five - vows to myself, about myself, for myself
1. i will keep in touch with friends more, like greet people happy birthday on facebook
2. i will finish at least one book and one game within the next two weeks
3. i will go outside and exercise more
4. i will stop fearing the next step and work towards it instead
5. i will get more sleep

and one extra tidbit... yes, i am still an istj.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the randoms

face recognition test - i was 74%, not as bad as i thought...
infograph on how to spot a liar
on motivating employees, and no it's not just about money
to all the nerds out there, check your attitude
i liked this explanation of social media

Friday, March 11, 2011

cyclical nature

i seem to go through a cyclical mental state of composure.
starts with happy-go-lucky, then moving forward with goals, then frustration because nothing goes the way i want, then anger towards trivial things and self, then realization at my irrationality, then longing for social interactions, then back to happy-go-lucky...

hoping something will break this cycle.

on a different note, it's getting warm enough to walk around outside...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

some links that i've had sitting around

insights on the introvert mind
sometimes you just have to give up
conception of piracy is interesting
this describes me and my chemistry degree precisely
science behind traffic jams. hmm i've driven half of those worst roads...
mario w/ modern sfx. it made me smile