Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hello July-er wait, August! er... blah

Monthly goals died.
Sorta. I keep mini resolutions in my head now. Some have been successful, like reading more and hit 9000+ steps every other day. Some have not, like sleep better hours and socialize more.

I guess, small update on life will suffice.

July was super busy and tiring and frustrating.
First half was great - I went to Japan for a couple weeks and had tons of fun indulging in the culture and running around with friends.
Second half was bad - work presented some seriously infuriating situations, and the reality of my diminishing social circles really hit me.

August has slowly gotten better, yet I still feel dissatisfied. Lately been doing lots of soul searching... like what I really want to do, and how will I get there. Perhaps another trip (not as long) will clear my head. Labor day is coming up... hmmmm.

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