Wednesday, November 9, 2016


some thoughts on the 2016 election, because i think there are some lessons to be learned even though i am not happy with the results, and i rarely post about politics

- now that republicans have the majorities for all of congress, liberals will now get the dismissive "you're crazy" reaction that conservatives have been feeling for quite some time. and while social progress will be undone and that really sucks, i hope that it will be a humbling experience to burst some bubbles on some of the extremist witch hunt-like rhetoric, as well as open some eyes on the dramatically different lifestyle between city dwellers and rural families

- it sucks that the new leader will have the temperament of a child (along with a slew of other disturbing character flaws...), but if there is anything to take away from his surprising success, it's that you will reach out to more people if you campaign with simpler terms

- i didn't realize just how spoiled i am in Washington state - the entire state is mail-in ballots, and my company even gave us the day as a holiday! now if only they would give the holiday to the working class who normally can't vote, in a state that uses polling stations with long lines...

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